Is Chen Qiao En (aka Joe Chen) getting married? The beautiful leading lady of Fated to Love You and In Life and Love (Love Actually) radiates exquisite elegance in this bridal photo shoot.

No, she's not getting tied down yet.

She certainly would make a beautiful bride, as you can see in the new photos featured in Brides magazine's September edition. 

Fans continue to pay attention to Chen Qiao En's single status-- as if the 38-year-old beauty needs to worry.

For now, the actress from Taiwan continues to be very busy in her projects, primarily starring in Chinese dramas. She'll also become a real-life bridesmaid in her friend's wedding in September.

Another good news for her is that her new drama, In Life and Love (Love Actually), is actually hitting higher ratings in China than the popular The King's Woman and Lost Love in Times.!


In Life and Love (Love Actually) - 人间至味是清欢

Starring Tong Da Wei and Joe (Qiao En) Chen

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In Life and Love (Love Actually) stars Chen Qiao En and Tong Da Wei (Tiger Mom) in a modern city romance. Take a look!

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