Hey DF Besties! Yours truly has decided to finally bring back the Drama Twitter Club! The concept, for those who did not join me for the Nail Shop Paris Twitter Club, is simple:

While watching Tomorrow's Cantabile, tweet your thoughts and comments using the hashtag #TomorrowsCantabileDF.

By using this hashtag, you'll be connected to other DF users who are also watching the show. To find DF besties, simply type the #TomorrowsCantabileDF hashtag in the twitter search bar, or click on the hashtag itself to view the conversation stream and join in.

Every Monday and Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern, I will personally be hosting a viewing and chat session on Twitter. This means you, me, and the entire universe will be watching a current episode and tweeting at the same time. The best part about it is, every weekend there will be a recap article where you might just get to see some of your own tweets featured!

Watch Park Si Yeon navigate single motherhood and modern romance in Greatest Marriage

Tonight at 9pm Eastern join me for episode 4 of Tomorrow's Cantabile, and join me next Monday October 27 for episode 5. Make sure to follow me on twitter for news and updates!

Also, if you loved the premiere of Modern Farmer, use the hashtag #ModernFarmerDF to comment and chat with other DF besties watching the show!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE