Seoul Tower is one of the most popular destinations to visit on vacation to South Korea, and for good reason! Not only can you take in a 360 degree view of the entire city of Seoul, but there are also museums, restaurants, shops, and more inside. And let's not forget that Seoul Tower has been the backdrop of countless K-drama scenes, like in Oh My Ghostess and Boys Over Flowers. Join us for a tour of romantic Seoul Tower so you know what to expect on your own trip! 

Seoul Tower's primary function is as a radio tower, but since opening its observatory deck to the public in 1980, it has become an iconic landmark of Seoul. Located on Namsan Mountain in the center of the city, at 236m meters tall, it is the second highest point in Seoul. Visitors have the opportunity to ride the Namsan cable car up Namsam Mountain to get to the tower.

Once at the tower, visitors can purchase tickets to ride the elevator up to the observation deck, which provides a stunning view of the entire city and identifies its landmarks. 

One of the most memorable and popular activities at the tower is locking padlocks onto the fence and metal trees as a symbol of eternal love. You can purchase a love lock, or bring your own, write a personal message on it. and then declare your undying affection by locking it to the tower forever.

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If you come at the right moment, there are often guards dressed in historical clothing and performances of traditional Korean song and dance.

Visitors even have the opportunity to dress up in traditional hanboks and get their photos taken. 

Don't forget to bring money for the fun souvenir shops inside, including this Hello Kitty store!

And if you have friends and family eager to hear about your trip back home, you can purchase adorable postcards and mail them right from the tower so you don't forget! 

If you get hungry, there are also several fast food options, and several nice restaurant options, including a rotating restaurant at the top!

If you're planning your trip to Korea, Namsan Seoul Tower definitely must be at the top of your list! Who do you want to dedicate a lock of love to at the tower? 

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