Jonghyun may be giving viewers second lead syndrome left and right on Orange Marmalade, but that doesn't change the fact that his character hasn't seen any on-screen love. The CNBLUE member and actor recently admitted that he's a little jealous of Yeo Jin Goo's kiss scenes with their costar Seolhyun.

At a June 5 press conference for Orange Marmalade, Jonghyun said, "This is my second production, but I've not been able to film a single kiss scene....Yeo Jin Goo is 20 years old, but he already shot a bunch of kiss scenes. I'm 26...." (Note: In Western age, the two are 17 and 25 years old.) 

The audience laughed at his statement, and they laughed even harder at Yeo Jin Goo's response: "I think you need to take it up with the writer separately."

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo also discussed his kiss scenes thus far, including the "neck kiss." He said of the scene, "That neck scene took part in the early stage of filming. I wondered how I should do this. The filming took place awkwardly, but I think that helped. The atmosphere of the filming itself gave off a feeling of not knowing what to do, so I think that became an advantage."

He went on to talk about his scene with Seolhyun at the lighthouse, saying, "When we filmed at the lighthouse, it was so windy, so I remember we filmed in a hectic manner. Jae Min and Ma Ri's feelings were important, but I was thinking that it hopefully came out prettily. I was both expectant and worried, but it came out prettier than I thought it would, which was a relief so I'm very happy."

What do you think of the romance in Orange Marmalade so far? I bet there would be many fans willing to give Jonghyun an opportunity for kiss scenes!

Watch the latest episode of Orange Marmalade below: