If you're a major fan of actor Joo Ji Hoon and have been missing his face, don't fret! He can currently be seen as the male lead in Gain's music video for her highly controversial single Fxxk U. The music video itself is like a crazy must-watch melodrama with tears, heartache, sex, violence, and even blood.

In the song, which also features the vocals of singer Bumkey, Gain expresses the frustration of being in an unhealthy relationship that's going nowhere, which she can't seem to quit. Joo Ji Hoon, who is absolutely amazing at playing dark roles, doesn’t disappoint with looks of longing, neediness, and lust.

See how one of the most powerful women in history claimed her throne in Isabel.

This video contains adult language and themes. Enjoy if you're old enough (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE