Another star couple has crossed international borders and bridged cultural differences to fall in love. Too bad for Empress Ki fans, but Korean hottie Joo Jin Mo has confirmed his real-life romance with Chinese actress Zhang Li. How did they meet? What finally led to the public revelation?

Joo Jin Mo and Zhang Li met on the set of Honey, I'm sorry, a 34-episode Chinese romantic drama that started filming in November 2015 and finished in February 2016. The drama is not released yet, but the stars are now confirmed to be dating.

Speculation about the two stars actually first rose in mid-2016 when they were seen together, but it was refuted as rumor at the time. 

Now, it's been confirmed by none other than the charismatic actor of Empress Ki and My Love Eun Dong himself.

Joo Jin Mo posted to his Weibo on February 15 with the following photos and post, saying he will "take care of Sister Li well," using a cute nickname for Zhang Li.  

He also teased the paparazzi for their "hard work," because he and Zhang Li were reported by tabloid news to be vacationing in Japan and staying in the same room.

According to news reports, Joo Jin Moo's agency also confirmed with this statement, “It is true that [Joo Jin Mo] is in a relationship with Zhang Li. Joo Jin Mo helped Zhang Li when she came to Korea, which is how they became close.”

Fans of the 42-year-old Korean actor may be wondering about who Zhang Li is.

The 32-year-old beauty graduated from The Central Academy Of Drama in 2003. (Hot Chinese actor Wang Kai is in her graduating class.) She initially rose to fame as a model. Since 2007, she has appeared in almost 30 roles in TV dramas and movies. She had a short-lived romance with Sunny Wang in 2014. She became Joo Jin Mo's leading lady in Honey, I am Sorry.

(Joo Jin Mo and Zhang Li when Honey, I am Sorry wrapped up filming in 2016.)

Joo Jin Mo's quick confirmation and open attitude toward the paparazzi has won many Chinese admirers for the charming Korean star.

Congratulations to the new star couple in love!

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