The stars of the new movie, "Days of Wrath," Joo Sang Wook and Yang Dong Geun, show their fiercest faces in Singles. The two actors appear in the magazine in several sleek and decked out looks, each with their own unique and eye-catching style.

In the interview, the stars talk about their work together in the film, and we can't think of a better duo! The movie tells the story of Jun Suk (Joo Sang Wook) being bullied by Chang Sik (Yang Dong Geun) in high school with the two reuniting 15 years later when Suk seeks out revenge. It is a large and diverging role for Joo Sang Wook as he usually plays tamer characters.

All decked out in black!

You do not want to get bullied by this man.

Looking sharp in all back and a pretty epic mustache.