Joo Won isn't happy with Sulli's movie stylist. The Tomorrow's Cantabile actor felt sorry for his co-star Sulli when she had to dress down to become the unattractive character Eun Jin in Fashion King. He expressed his sympathy for her at the recent press conference for their new movie.

"I feel bad that Sulli's appearance falls apart for the movie. She made herself appear unattractive with glasses and messy hair for a long time." He continued, "She looked like The Slave Hunters,  and it really hurt me to see her like that.  I have those pictures of her on my cellphone." 

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Nonetheless, he mentioned their personal relationship and praised her acting, "Sulli has always been a good friend. She was great in the movie, too."

Fashion King is about a high school student's attempt to be popular by dating a pretty female peer. Fashion plays a major role in the plot. Actors Ahn Jae Hyun, Park Se Young, and Kim Sung Oh also star in the film to be released on November 6.