Good Doctor star Joo Won seems to have a new fan, and her name is Rihanna. This is actually a really cute story! So the other night Rihanna took a picture of herself having a very cool looking bracelet put on and uploaded it to Instagram. Well it just so happens that behind Rihanna a familiar face was spotted on the mounted flat screen. There on the television was Joo Won in a scene from his currently airing K-Drama Good Doctor!

Now Rihanna is currently on tour and she was in Thailand when she snapped this photo, so I’m guessing the television was just on a random station airing Good Doctor at the time. I mean if she was actually a fan of the drama she would have been glued to the screen reading subtitles, not taking selcas featuring pretty jewelry! Aww! If I'm right, she's seriously missing out on an awesome drama and awesome actor!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE