For those of us who always feel a little low after finding out we never match our favorite oppa's idea of a perfect woman, the good news is that there's one Korean actor whose ideal type seems to be a bit more attainable for us!  Yong Pal star Joo Won recently re-affirmed that he stills prefers women who have a pot belly, but the next thing he said is even more amazing!

When asked about his ideal type on a recent episode of Healing Camp, Joo Won stated that he prefers a woman who "only wears pants, has a pot belly, has a pretty back, and is kindhearted."

Because the recent standard of beauty in Korea is to be incredibly thin, on the occasion that Joo Won has expressed his preference for pot bellies, his statement is usually met with a bewildered and amused reaction. This time, the show's MC Seo Jang Hoon laughed, "How big does the pot belly have to be?" 

But Joo Won responded seriously, "I like the belly. I don't know. I like the belly..." Most importantly, he clarified, "I think if I like the person, nothing matters."

When the MC asked, "Are you the type who can't get back up when you fall hard for someone?" Joo Won stated, "It's not that I can't get up; it's that I refuse to get up." 

Sounds like Joo Won is a true romantic! He realizes that if he loves someone, than that's all that matters. And our fantasy of dating a hot Korean oppa actor seems just slightly more within reach! 

Watch Joo Won's recent series Yong Pal: