93527246 In late February, the multi-talented Joo Won went into a Gangnam studio to record AshGray's "Because I Don't Know How to Love," for Part 4 of the Level 7 Civil Servant official soundtrack. Reportedly, Joo Won was very careful and conscientious in the studio, and the recording staff was impressed. “We knew he sang well,” said the staff. “But after actually working with him, we believe that Joo Won's skills could pass for those of a singer.” Of AshGray's song, Joo Won said, “AshGray’s original song itself is hard, so despite the difficulties, I tried hard to sing it with a different style. I hope a good song comes out from this.” How are you liking the Level 7 Civil Servant OST so far? (Source: enewsworld.mnet.com)