The original Good Doctor, Joo Won, has some wonderful stories to share about life in the military. Since enlisting in May 2017, Joo Won's fandom has missed him terribly, and My Sassy Girl wasn' t nearly enough! Today, the Republic of Korea Army allowed him to take part in a live broadcast where he discussed the final week of training regimen that soldiers endure. Joo Won also opened up about his current job as an assistant instructor, while commending his 3rd Infantry Division trainee G-dragon for being so assiduous.

With a smile on his face, he disclosed what it's like to be an assistant instructor. “Because I enlisted at quite a late age, a lot of recruits ask for me when they request a counseling session. They open up to me about their hardships and difficulties, and they’re able to then go on and complete their training safely. I always feel proud when they call me up later to let me know they’re doing well in their divisions," the 30 year-old star explained after talking about the final week of training.

He was also very impressed with BIGBANG's G-dragon's work ethic. The 3rd Infantry Division (aka “White Skull/skeleton unit") was apparently a welcomed challenge to the popular idol, who enlisted in February. Joo Won regards G-dragon as a memorable recruit. “Recently, Kwon Ji Yong [G-Dragon’s real name] trained with us as a recruit. He was very hardworking. Even from far away, you got the feeling that he got along with everyone and was working hard. He was a very memorable recruit.”

At the end of his live stream, Joo Won thanked fans for their support, while he continues to serve his country in the military. His scheduled discharge date is February 2019.

Are you counting down the months until he returns to the entertainment industry next year? What type of production do you hope Joo Won chooses as his comeback project?

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Source: Via/ Image Credits: SE Daily, Sports Chosun and E Today


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