Fans of actor Joo Won will remember the announcement last March revealing that Joo Won would be serving his time in the military by becoming a part of the police force instead, but in a shocking turn of events, it appears that Joo Won has decided to sign up for active duty instead! What does this mean for Joo Won and his fans? Read on to find out!

While this may shock many of Joo Won's fans, according to a source from Korea's Military Manpower Agency Joo Won has turned down his previous assignment to the Police Promotional Unit and has "applied for a position as a military soldier"

The promotion squad of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, to which Joo Won was previously assigned, currently consists of active Korean stars, including, Super Junior's DonghaeChoi Si Won, and TVXQ's Changmin

While Joo Won's original assignment as a policeman would have already started back in July, due to his decision to elect for active duty, the new date of his enlistment is still currently pending.


According to a spokesman, Joo Won's enlistment date will most likely be announced by the end of this year. However, because of the ongoing shooting schedule for Joo Won's upcoming drama "My Sassy Girl", his enlistment date is not likely to be in the near future.  

Although we will be sad not to see Joo Won in his police uniform, many have commended that Joo Won's decision to forgo what some singers and actors have done to bypass active duty is a patriotic one. 

Why do you think Joo Won changed his mind? Let's wish him luck for his upcoming active duty service! 

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