Lee Joon Ki and Nam Sang Mi, lead stars in the new DramaFever series The Joseon Gunman, recently did a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar Korea July issue. The strong emotion evoked by the photos engages an atmosphere of film noir. The couple was dressed in stylish modern attire, not what we would have expected since they are filming a Joseon period drama, but their intense chemistry is clearly evident even 7 years after they first met and starred together in the action-romance drama Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Regarding The Joseon Gunman, Nam Sang Me said, 'Compared to 7 years ago, I think Lee Joon Ki has become even more adorable. At that time, we were both young and headstrong. Now, we feel like real siblings.'

Lee Joon Ki said, 'I've always wanted to work with Nam Sang Me again. Previously we acted in a tragic love that could not be fulfilled. I kept thinking it would be nice to film another love story together when we are mature. Now, we are older and more experienced. As soon as I heard that Nam Sang Mi joined the drama, I was very excited and happy. It takes time for an actor and actress to become familiar with each other to interact in scenes. Acting with Nam Sang Mi definitely saves time and we can rely on each other. I feel very fortunate. During the rehearsal, every moment felt blessed and the result was excellent. It's all thanks to Nam Sang Mi.' As he praised Nam Sang Mi, she suddenly said, 'Aigoo!' It really showed their affection for each other.

Harper's Baazar definitely adores Lee Joon Ki too, as their Chinese edition did a photo shoot with him in April. These photos show off his bright and cheerful nature.

Yes, jumping for joy! I can't wait to see the multifaceted and talented Lee Joon Ki in the new action-romance drama series, The Joseon Gunman. Make sure to tune in on Wednesday.