Won Bin Vogue 2 I remember way back when I was obsessed with Won Bin. I still find him good looking and now he is in the June issue of Vogue Korea. The spread was titled 'WILD FLOWER' and the photographer none other than famous Juergen Teller. Something is off about these photos for me, it doesn't seem like the young Won Bin I was obsessed with. It seems that he because more gaunt and skinnier from what I remember. I think he is taking a note from the Olsen twins and Keira Knightley and pouting too much (a bit like duck lips). Also STOP SUCKING IN YOUR CHEEKS! [caption id="attachment_53099" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Won Bin I remember long ago..."]Won Bin YesterYear[/caption] Despite these flaws, which I will say are minor, Won Bin will always have a special & nostalgic place in my heart. <3 What do you out in blogland think? Do you like these photos?  Do you, like me, miss the younger Won Bin? [gallery] See all your favorite dramas on DramaFever! Source: Vogue Korea