Ji Hoo On the 30th, rookie actor Jun Ji Hoo’s agency, JWide Company released a photo of Jun Ji Hoo in the waiting room before the press conference for MBC QueeN Friday Drama, Nail Shop Paris. In the pics, Jun Ji Hoo is smiling brightly while making a heart-shape with his hands and giving a thumbs up with a confident look on his face. He radiates a charm that has netizens' hearts racing. At the press conference for Nail Shop Paris, Jun Ji Hoo presented himself less like a newcomer than a seasoned pro, in a calm and pleasant manner. His bright and confident attitude had netizens giving their own thumbs up. Jun Ji Hoo plays Alex, the best flower boy manicurist in the shop, who will stir customers’ hearts with his handsome appearance, intelligence, and kind personality. On the other hand, set in a famous nail shop, Nail Shop Paris will feature a romantic-comedy story of flower boy nail artists, with cast KARA’s Park Gyu Ri, MBLAQ’s Chun Doong, and Song Jae Rim.  The first episode is coming soon to DramaFever, so sign up for your New Series Alert today! [Source: nate news]