Star of the K-Drama My Love From Another Star, Jun Ji Hyun recently sat for an interview where she expressed concern about her body being compared to her co-star’s Kim Soo Hyun. She explained Kim Soo Hyun looks thinner now than when the two of them had worked together in the film The Thieves back in 2012.

She then noticed Kim Soo Hyun’s thinner body looked better on screen than before, and because of that she started worrying about her own body. Not only did she worry about how her body looked on screen, but she worried about her body size in comparison to his. Currently she’s nervous that people will start to compare the two of their bodies.

Umm, what is she even talking about? Unfortunately I can understand if she was an overweight woman paired up with him because the difference in their body weights would be obvious, but she’s not. Also, my mind wasn’t even going there until she went ahead and pointed it out, so now she's basically forcing us all to notice and compare their bodies.

However there's nothing to actually compare. She's tall, he's taller, she's thin, he's thin, she's slightly fuller in the hip area and he's not, but that's natural and expected because she's a woman. I think she looks beautiful and matches well with him so she should just relax. Besides it's Kim Soo Hyun, are you really looking at anyone else but him in a scene?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE