Jung Il Woo and Sandara Park

Maybe I should actually finish The Return of Iljimae starring Jung Il Woo, since I had no idea Dara from 2NE1 was in it, and that's how the two of them became friends. It's true, they met on the set and have been friends ever since. Recently on Twitter Dara was able to convince Il Woo to take a break from studying and join in the Hanyang University festivities, where 2NE1 was performing. At first Il Woo was all like no I have to be a real student and focus blah, blah, but Dara was persistent and finally got him to give in. Way to go Dara! You can follow Jung Il Woo on Twitter @ActorJungilwoo and Dara @Krungy21 KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE