Just yesterday news broke that actor Jung Il Woo was scheduled to serve his military service this coming December. However, this news was followed today by a far more shocking development in Jung Il Woo's life! After a recent visit to the hospital, Jung Il Woo has been diagnosed with a possibly life threatening condition. Although his recent health problem is tragic and disheartening, it seems that Jung Il Woo is not going to let his condition beat him! Read onto find out more about his resolve...

Recently actor Jung Il Woo (who recently played Kang Ji Woon in Cinderella and Four Knights) was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm. A close friend of Jung Il Woo's revealed that after having severe headaches over the past 3 years -- which started after a severe car accident back in 2006 --Jung Il Woo underwent a thorough examination at a hospital. The results revealed that he was suffering from a cerebral aneurysm. 


According to Johns Hopkins A brain aneurysm (also called a cerebral aneurysm or an intracranial aneurysm) is a bulging, weakened area in the middle layer of the wall of a blood vessel in the brain, resulting in an abnormal widening or ballooning greater than 50% of the normal diameter (width). An aneurysm may occur in any blood vessel, but is most often seen in an artery rather than a vein.

Cerebral aneurysms are considered a ticking time bomb~ if the blood vessel ruptures, the fatality rate varies from 30% ~ 40%. According to The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “Aneurysms may burst and bleed into the brain, causing serious complications, including hemorrhagic stroke, permanent nerve damage, or death. Once it has burst, the aneurysm may burst again and bleed into the brain, and additional aneurysms may also occur.”

A cerebral aneurysm would most likely exempt him from the mandatory service if he decided to submit for re-examination, but despite this scary health complication, Jung Il Woo has announced that he still plans on enlisting in the military! While Jung Il Woo will be serving his military service as a public service officer, he went onto voice his regret that, 

"It's a shame that I cannot serve in the fullest way due to my condition."  

Jung Il Woo's courage and dedication are both truly commendable and inspiring! Please take care of yourself Jung Il Woo! 

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