Jung Il Woo, star of The Night Watchman's Journal, had an accident on set over the weekend with a bow! Now everything is okay; the bow didn't cause major damage, and he was able to get treated on set and finish filming.

The accident was explained by one of Jung Il Woo's agency representatives: "He injured his face when he was filming the scene where he pulls the bowstring, which broke off. He got a cut about 3 centimeters (1.1 inch) long next to his eyebrow, so he received emergency treatment right away to finish filming and received hospital treatment afterwards. The injury is not serious, and he is currently attending the last filming session on October 20. He will also be attending the after party on October 21."

Good thing it wasn't serious because his face is precious, although I'd personally be in a panic if a bowstring hit me in the face! From the description, it seems like the bowstring snapped and popped him in the eyebrow. I'm sure if he was lacking any energy at that moment, he got it back real quick after that snap! This is funny because thoughts of The Walking Dead's Daryl giving Jung Il Woo bow lessons keep flashing through my mind.

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE