Gimme! Jung Il Woo gifted the entire staff of The Night Watchman's Journal with really nice scented candles! This is completely worth reporting because it's possibly one of the best, and most original, gifts ever given to a drama's staff.

Usually actors gift the staff with food or coats, or even sneakers. Now, all that is cool, but it's just so cliche at this point since everyone does it. Jung Il Woo, being the perfect person that he is, was creative and thoughtful in his gift choice. When have you ever not loved getting a pretty candle that not only looked good, but smelled good? 

A representative from Jung Il Woo's agency stated this about the perfect gift giver: "He became attached to the staff members as they spent the last four months together, staying up throughout the nights. In order to express gratitude towards the staff members who went through more hardship than anyone else, Jung Il Woo thought about what to give them long before the last filming took place, and prepared the gifts."

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See! Thoughtful, and mind you, there were 150 staff members for The Night Watchman's Journal. Not only did he buy 150 scented candles, he personally gave each staff member their gift. Jung Il Woo also ended up with his own gift; the final episode ranked #1 in viewership against every other drama airing in that time slot. 

What do you think of Jung Il Woo's scented candle gift choice?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE