Jung Il Woo, star of the recently completed K-drama The Night Watchman's Journal (marathon time!), sat down for an interview where he talked about his work and his best friend, Lee Min Ho.

Yes! For those of you who are unaware, Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho have been best friends since like...forever! Well, after he talked about things like working non-stop for over 9 years, he touched on his level of activity during his down time. Jung Il Woo gave a humorous description of what he does during vacation while managing to drag Lee Min Ho into the conversation with this statement: "I'm really lazy and act like a corpse when I'm not working. Yes. I'm that kind of person. I don't even meet up with people because I'm too lazy. Lee Min Ho has a similar personality so he doesn't go out of his house. We always make plans to meet up but we both say, 'Let's just meet next time because I'm too lazy' on the day of. I don't know how many times that happened already."

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So basically both actors work to the point where all they want to do is sit on the couch like two very well-preserved corpses and stay there unless it's to use the bathroom or something. That's great; I don't see the problem with that because there's always a house call! If Jung Il Woo or Lee Min Ho won't go to you, surely you will have no problem going to them.

It is, however, sad they've been missing out on best friend time, so I think they should just become roommates and corpse-out on the couch together. Could you see the two of them being actual roommates?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE