Leave those fluffy coats and socks at home this fall. Instead, take a cue from Cinderella and Four Knights superstar Jung Il Woo's latest fashion spread! We are talking grays, sleek knits, and tailored coats! Plus a tutorial on how to get his look! 

Doesn't he look dapper? The actor recently spoke up about his experience shooting for Cinderella and Four Knights, and said, "It was a fun experience. It was really charming to me that fans from all 63 countries who watched had different reactions to it." 

Giving a shoutout to all his Thai and Chinese fans, the actor said he loved shooting his Thai and Chinese dramas despite the language barrier. "I can still feel my partner's emotions even though there's a language barrier. Isn't it amazing? I might not know the language, but I was still able to understand and relate. That aspect was very intriguing and fun," he said. gray

Want to steal his fall-winning look?

We Love: L.L Bean Double L Sweater Rosegal Men's Slimming Jacket

We Love: Superdry Stock Coat+Topman Penny Collar Smart Shirt + Religion Carrot Fit Jeans

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Cinderella and Four Knights

Starring Jung Il Woo and Park So Dam

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