Jung Il Woo currently stars in the historical supernatural comedy The Night Watchman's Journal, and in this week's past episode, he donned a lovely pink floral hanbok. It's a beautiful design that reflects the character of Lee Rin / Prince Wolgang so perfectly: carefree and delicate. And confident – Jung rocks the pink shade well.

But did you know that his mother designed it herself?!

Jung Il Woo's mother is the famed Shim Youn Ok, who was the chief of the Textiles Research Lab at Korea University. She's a renowned Korean culture expert, and her deftness with the loom is no joke. She gladly offered her unique designs to be used for the costumes in the drama. Jung paid a surprise visit to her studio one day and saw her working hard at his floral hanbok. He even took a whack at the loom himself!

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The beautiful hanbok appears in episodes four and five of The Night Watchman's Journal. I have to admit that costume was quite memorable, and now it is more special knowing that it was specially crafted by a mother for her son.

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