That's right! Jung Il Woo may possibly take the lead role as vampire who works as a surgeon in the upcoming K-drama Blood. Originally, Yoo Yun Suk, who's starring in the film The Royal Tailor alongside Park Shin Hye, was supposed to take the role, but he opted out due to his schedule. 

Now Jung Il Woo is seriously considering taking on the role, and I hope he does because this storyline sounds amazingly insane! So, the drama is about this character named Park Ji Sang, who somehow becomes a vampire but just can't bring himself to hurt others. Instead, he decides the next best thing to sucking the blood out of someone's neck is becoming a surgeon and working at a cancer center because that's just the most logical step to take after turning vampy. Throughout the drama, Park Ji Sang will be working to save terminally ill patients and battle evil people and other vampires! Sounds totally ridiculous and awesome right?!

Jung Il Woo was practically made for this role; he's even posing with a blood moon! Okay, I don't if that's a real blood moon, but it's red and it is a moon, and it's dramatic, soo, close enough!

(Photo Credit: Singles Magazine)

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Blood is set to premiere sometime in February, but what do you think of this storyline? Should Jung Il Woo take it or leave it, and will you watch if he does?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE