When upcoming JTBC series Madame Antoine announced additional cast members this week, fans probably assumed that actress Hwang Seung Eon would have a romance with second lead Jung Jin Woon. While that may still be the case, there's a surprise loveline in the works between 57-year-old veteran actress Jang Mi Hee and the 24-year-old idol-turned-actor.

In Madame Antoine, a famous fortune teller who claims to be spiritually linked to Marie Antoinette and calls herself "Madame Antoine" (Han Ye Seul) goes head-to-head with a cold psychotherapist (Sung Joon), who runs a clinic also by the name "Madame Antoine" and aims to prove that true love doesn't exist.

Jung Jin Woon will play Choi Seung Chan, younger brother to Sung Joon's character and a former professional baseball player. He's open and sweet, unlike his cold older brother, which means he's perfect second lead material. 

Hwang Seung Eon plays Go Yoo Rim, younger sister to Han Ye Seul's character. She's a cool, easygoing VJ.

Jang Mi Hee joins the cast as a perfectionist former psychology professor. She falls for Seung Chan at first sight, and whenever she meets him, she breaks her normally elegant personality and ends up swearing up a storm.

It sounds like this May-December romance is probably more for comedic effect than a serious loveline, but only time will tell! 

What do you think of the plot and casting so far? Are you excited to see this series? Madame Antoine premieres on DramaFever on November 27. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

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