jungjoonho_kimtaehee Actor Jung Joon Ho commented on today's hottest couple, Kim Tae Hee and Rain. On MBC Section TV Entertainment News which aired on February 2nd, Jung Joon Ho flaunted his speaking ability as he brought laughter to the set throughout his interview. During the interview, it was revealed that when the actor, who claimed that he has a quite a large social network, called Kim Tae Hee earlier last month on Happy Together 4. Despite all the anticipation, the phone was answered by an unfamiliar woman who stated that the phone was no longer in service. He reminisced about the embarrassing situation and explained rather jokingly, "I think around this time, Kim Tae Hee must have been busy dating Rain." But then he added, "It's hard to carry on relationships amongst actors because we all end up working on different projects." Do you think Jung Joon Ho's comment on Kim Tae Hee was too naughty, or was he just poking fun? (Source: www.nate.com)