An offer has been made to hunky Jung Kyeo Woon to join the cast of the upcoming weekend series Wonderful Mama. It would mark his first return to the small screen since last year's History of the Salaryman. The premise for the show is simple: Mama is a loan shark (yay) who gets diagnoses with Alzeheimer's (boo), leaving her three daughters to take over the "family business." Though the offer has been made for Jung Kyeo Woon to play the "Leading Man," it's unclear which daughter he'll woo and if offers have even been made to actresses. Though with a name like Jung Jyeo Woon signing on, we don't doubt many young ladies would be happy to play a role. The drama is set to premiere in the Spring with Bae Jong Ok in talks to play Mama. Are you excited for the return of Jung Kyeo Woon? (Source: www.dramabeans.com)