Today, the agencies for actors Jung Kyung Ho and Kim So Yeon confirmed to media outlets that the pair will be the main actors for the upcoming jTBC drama titled In Love with Soon Jung. 

The romantic fantasy thriller is about a grieving investor who becomes rigid following the death of his father. He is kicked out of his father's company when his uncle takes over. After his heart transplant surgery, he falls in love with a woman and experiences true happiness. Jung portrays a professional investor named Kang Min Ho, and Kim will star as secretary Kim Soon Jung.

The Vineyard Man writer Yoo Hee Kyung and Take Care of the Young Lady director Ji Young Soo join forces for JTBC's upcoming series.

The 16-episode drama, which focuses on cellular memory syndrome (the theory that the cells in the body can store memories), is scheduled to air early next year. 

Are you looking forward to seeing these two play lovers?

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