Jung Woo Sung is 100% camera shy when he is the one taking the shot. The new spokesperson for the United Nations Refugee Agency recently chatted with MBC's entertainment program Section TV. During the interview, the handsome actor made a confession that would put most social media experts into shock.

“I don’t enjoy taking selfies," he said.

"I get shy when I try to angle the camera right to take a picture. The camera can’t fully capture my beauty, anyway.”

When he was asked what he felt about Bae Yong Jun's recent wedding announcement, Jung said he hopes he has a happy marriage and he congratulated Bae Yong Jun on the upcoming nuptials. The Padam Padam star even joked that the pressure is now on him to tie the knot next in his age group.

“They’re all getting married, leaving me behind. I guess I get to have all the fun now. Now, it’s the era of Jung Woo Sung. I will do my best, now that it is my time," he jokingly stated.

The camera has always loved the 42-year-old heartthrob. He has stolen hearts around the world, and I'm sure many would love to see an array of his spectacular selfies.

Would you enjoy seeing a ton of Jung Woo Sung selfies on a regular basis? Are you rooting for him to get married next?

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