Jung Woo Sung Good Life

Jung Woo Sung (ATHENA: Goddess of War) is currently in Japan with his agents. He is scheduled to shoot for a role in the the currently airing Japanese Drama, Good Life~Thank You, Papa. Goodbye~. The drama is based on the 2007 Korean novel Kashikogi. Jung is to play an authority specializing on childhood leukemia. This is all in light of Jung's surprise birthday party cancelation from finding out about the divorce suit between Seo Tae Ji and Lee Ji Ah (his ATHENA: Goddess of War co-star) that was supposed to be held on the 22th of last month. Way to bounce back big boy! Good Life~Thank You, Papa. Goodbye~ air's on Fuji TV on Tuesdays at 10pm (Tokyo time). You can watch Jung Woo Sung now on DramaFever! Source: fnnews