0426_gugjegyeongjaengsimsawiweon_gijahoegyeon_b_img_6956 Jung Woo Sung is familiar to most (who are we kidding, all) as a mega successful actor, but recently, he traded in that role to serve as a jury member at the Jeonju International Film Festival, his second time doing so. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the actor, where he revealed that "in terms of setting a standard, because most of these films are first-time projects, I am not looking at the overall production values but the degree to which they reflect the filmmaker’s thematic vision and how sincerely that touches the viewer." The festival is a showcase of arthouse and independent films, which Sung is a big supporter of, stating, "Watching such films allows me to learn new styles of cinematic language and forms of expression you don’t get to see in mainstream cinema—which helps immensely not only as an actor but also as I take on the roles of producer and filmmaker, eventually." Asked if we could expect to see him in an arthouse film any time soon, he responded simply, "No. It could be a major movie. It should be a major movie." Yes, please! What would you like to see his next project be? Let us know!