CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa will make his film debut in the Chinese movie, Emperors Cook Up a Storm, which also co-stars Tiffany Tang. The K-pop star and actor (You're BeautifulThree Musketeers) and Hong Kong singer-actor Nicholas Tse play chefs who come from different backgrounds but find themselves battling in a hot cooking competition. Scroll down to find out more about their exciting match.

In the movie, Jung Yong Hwa plays a Michelin three-starred chef from France, and he wants to start a new restaurant in China. He meets Nicholas Tse's not-so-famous cook who works in a nearby restaurant. They then find themselves competing in the same cooking competition. 

Jung Yong Hwa is appearing in a movie for the first time, and he has a lot of Chinese dialogues to memorize, but all is well because he loves to eat. He says that all the dishes used for filming are made with the freshest ingredients, so he gets to eat the most delicious food. 

Nicholas Tse, the handsome Hong Kong star with his own successful food and travelogue show called Chef Nic, personally designed all the dishes used for the filming. He'd even cook sometimes for the crew. Jung Yong Hwa says he enjoyed Nic's apple pie and roast pig the most.

We can't have Jung Yong Hwa without a dose of romance sprinkled in the story. The handsome chef has a girlfriend, played by Chinese actress, Bai Bing, in the movie.

Tiffany Tang co-stars in the movie as the owner of the restaurant where Nicholas is a chef. That's quite a change from starring as a princess on revenge in The Princess Weiyoung.

The cooking-themed comedy is slated to be released on January 28, 2017, the day of Chinese Lunar New Year. The festive occasion is certainly perfect for celebrating Jung Yong Hwa's movie debut.

As for Nicolas Tse, his romance movie, But Always, is coming soon to DramaFever. Now is the time to add it to your queue:


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