When will Jung Yong Hwa settle down? The Heartstrings actor had a picnic with single ladies in their thirties for today's episode of MBC Music’s Picnic Live. During the picnic, the topics of his ultimate dream girl and the possibility of a singer ever getting hitched came up. 

The ladies threw out female character names like My Love From Another Star's Cheon Song Yi,Kill Me, Heal Me's Oh Ri Jin, and even the lovely elderly lady Kang Gye Yeol from the documentary My Love, Don’t Cross that River. Jung summed up his perfect future wife with this statement: “It would be great if it was a girl that would understand my profession, listen to music with me, and someone I could talk about music with.”

To date, the CNBlue lead singer admitted he hasn't seriously considered marriage yet. However, he does have an age limitation he wants to stick to. He doesn't want to marry any later than his forties.

“[I'll marry at] 45 to 47 at the latest. Any later than that and I’m afraid that I’ll lose to the other dads when playing sports.”

During the episode, he also performed live versions of the songs “Last Leaf” and “Like a Child" and concluded his set with encore performances of “Mileage” and “Energy.”

I admire Jung Yong Hwa's thinking. He has such an laid back attitude toward marriage. 

Do you agree with Jung's stress-free approach to tying the knot? 

See Yonghwa in the delightful romance Heartstrings:

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