Jung Yoo Mi

Jung Yoo Mi proves that being a fangirl isn't a waste of time! Apparently, back when she was in high school she absolutely loved H.O.T (you know -- the K-POP group Eun Ji's character was obsessed with in Answer Me 1997?). During a recent interview she explained the reason for her being a celebrity today was because of her fangirl actions back in high school. H.O.T was inside the SM Entertainment building and Yoo Mi was waiting around outside for them. When she peered into an office window someone saw her, opened the door, and invited her inside. She then became an SM trainee and has since played characters like the no good, evil Se Na in Rooftop Prince. See? Being a K-POP fangirl or boy pays off, so keep fanning out! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE