Time-jumping fantasy romance drama Rooftop Prince now has its first love triangle with the casting of Jung Yumi, who recently wrapped up the melo weepfest Thousand Day Promise. Ha, I guess that makes her the first actress to act with both Park brothers, what with Yoo-hwan in Promise and now Yoochun as the Joseon-era prince-out-of-water who finds himself in modern Korea. (Although I’m not sure she ever shared a scene with Yoo-hwan, come to think of it.) I get an additional laugh out of this casting news because it comes just a day after her management issued a “What? This is the first we’re hearing of this news” statement when rumors of her involvement surfaced. I get the knee-jerk denial that comes when your big announcement gets bogarted by the press, but there are smoother ways to do it. In Rooftop Prince, Jung Yumi plays a woman who’s skilled at playing the coy innocent, which should be a big change from her sweet, frank-to-a-fault character in Promise. She was often a frustrating doormat in that drama, but I had grudging respect for her overall goodness of character. Let’s see if she can turn that off and play the romantic spoiler here. Read more on Dramabeans.