Get your first glimpse of Junior as Min Sik! Breathtaking posters promoting the idol's romantic youth film Snowflake were recently released online. In the posters, the GOT7 member seems to be protecting his on-screen girlfriend Ye Ju (played by actress Ji Woo). He and his lady shyly smile while walking alongside each other in the snow.

Snowflake tackles the tough subject of school bullying while illustrating a love story between a teen boy and girl. Junior's character Min Sik is a transfer student to Ye Ju's high school. This spring, the sexy Dream High 2 actor's movie premieres during the Jeonju Cinema Project 2016 at the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival. Jeonju Film Fest attendees can pre-screen the movie during the fest, which runs from April 28 through May 7. The film is scheduled to debut in theaters this winter. 

Junior's early K-drama acting is really paying off big time. The Dream Knight star landed a leading role in a film at the age of 21! That is quite an achievement! GOT7 fans and moviegoers alike must be highly anticipating his first movie because all of the fest showings are already sold out! I am anxious to see his very first film, too.

Are you looking forward to seeing Junior mature as an actor in Snowflake?  


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