It's always fun to see what Idols and Actors are up to behind the scenes or on twitter, but sometimes it's nice to see how they give back to others as well. JYJ has always been an extremely charitable group so it was no surprise to learn that member Junsu actually built a school in Cambodia. When his mother took a trip to a town called Bilbong she asked the people what they needed. When Junsu learned a school was at the top of the list, he had one built. Xiah Junsu Evergreen Tree School The school, named Xiah Junsu Evergreen Tree School, is now educating hundreds of children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn, since other schools are not very accessible to the remote town. What other Idols and Actors do you know of that use their celebrity status for good causes? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source: enewsworld.interest.me)