Junsu wants to stand up to cyber bullies. The JYJ member recently tweeted about advice from fans and his hotel's legal team urging him to take legal action against netizens sending him hate messages. Junsu expressed that hurtful messages didn't faze him because he had become immune to it over the past decade of his career. The "Love You More" singer admits he thought his hard work would eliminate the negativity, but it hasn't. "I reviewed various data and the situation. I thought that they had gone past common sense and had crossed the limit," he said. 

"More than anything, I was pained that the people walking with me are exhausted by it, so I started to think that it wasn't okay to just ignore them because I was okay with them."

The 28-year-old star requests fans send in evidence of the extreme bullying to his label so he can begin taking legal action against the culprits.  "I think I'm going to talk for the first time about this situation with the company's legal team. If our fans have something, send it to C-JeS. I want to talk with them face to face." he explained. 

"I don't know what I did wrong to make them hate me. I am sorry that fans [are suffering] because I'm lacking. Let's meet again tomorrow with a smiling face at the Seongnam Art Center. Everyone, have strength. Thank you for caring so much."

Go, Junsu! No one deserves to be abused online. I'm glad he is standing up to cyber bullies and showing them it is still wrong to harass someone even if you are hiding behind a screen. What is your opinion of bullying celebrities online?

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