The uncle of 2PM‘s Junsu recently tweeted several JYP Entertainment artists to express his appreciation for their support. He also stated, “Watching Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Chansung, 2AM’s Changmin, Seulong, Jo Kwon, and Junsu during the funeral procession made me think that they were no different from brothers who shared the same blood.” Hearing about the controversy surrounding Jo Kwon’s tweets, he stated, “As Junsu’s uncle, hearing that Jo Kwon is being misunderstood for his tweets regarding Junsu is very heart breaking. I can vouch for the devotion of 2PM, 2AM, and Jo Kwon… I’m grateful for Jo Kwon’s parents for travelling a long distance all the way to Daegu and consoling Junsu’s family.” Read more on Allkpop.