It’s true, Won Bin is sexy. And every couple of months the actor does something to remind us all of his sexiness.

Won Bin recently took time to flaunt his sexiness in a photo shoot for Elle Magazine where he wore a simple black suit, and took the most fantastic close up ever. During the shoot he revealed that as usual, he’s currently not working on a project, “but there will be one in the future.” I suppose until he actually comes out with a new drama we’ll all just have to be satisfied with just looking at him.

For example, this photo of him with the suit, casually sitting on a box looking sexy doesn’t make me care at all that he’s not working on a new drama.

This close up shot of him where he’s basically staring right at me while his hand is lightly grazing along his lips…I just forgot he’s an actor.

Sure Won Bin has no upcoming projects, but be honest, does it even matter when he does photo shoots like these all the time?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE