April Fools' is a day of playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes, and in the last few years, the custom has caught on in Japan, but it's the big companies that seem to be having the most fun on this popular day. Let's take a look at the funniest April Fools' ads of 2016 that may or may not have fooled the Japanese public!

Most Japanese people are well aware of April Fools' Day, but then again, I'm sure there are those who are still not aware of its existence. After all, the day is not as big as it is in other Western cultures, and celebrating it by playing jokes on each other is something quite new to Japan. Who seems to enjoy this first day of April are Japanese corporations, many of whom create ridiculous ads for new products and announce their release on social media. Since these companies are always creating original and sometimes crazy products anyway, it's probably easy for some to actually believe in these funny hoaxes. After all, potato chip flavored cola wasn't an April Fools' joke, it was an actual product!

So without further ado, below are some of the funniest ads meant to trick the Japanese public on April Fools' Day. Enjoy!

1. ASAHI THE DREAMCAST SERVER — Yes, pour yourself an Asahi draft beer with a special controller.

2. "Would you like rice with those ingredients or bread?" SUBWAY RICE BOWLS with four choices of rice: white, sesame, brown, and 10 grain.


4. Wasabi water from I LOHAS on sale April 1st

5. From whiskey maker Nikka, BLACK NIKKA UNISKEY

6. Don Quijote megastore — Outer space traveller promotion starts April 1st!

7. MOS BURGER debuts 100% mammoth meat burger

8. KIRIN PRIME BREW — Beer produced with a mix of Martian wind!

9. Cinema-only Movie Plus Channel announces change to bodybuilding-only Muscle Plus Channel 

10. Red Bull release Pet Bull energy drink for your pets!


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