How does JYP keep his young talents away from scandals? 2PM brings in the dough, while Miss A is gearing up for a comeback. Park Jin Young told all in a recent interview about the good kids under contract with his agency. The agency's founder gushed about the reason JYP Entertainment avoids scandals and tax issues.

"Rather than picking kids with talent, I usually pick the ones who are upright and warm-hearted," he said. 

"That is the reason our company only had one legal issue in the past 20 years. That was Nichkhun's drunk driving accident. We haven't had any other major incidents. That is what I'm the most proud of, rather than 'how much did our company make.' JYP Entertainment artists are forbidden from going to events where they are handed cash. They are also not allowed to enter hostess joints. If they do, they are immediately fired." 

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He concluded, "If the employees do something wrong, they must leave. I've never told them 'go and make our company money.' All I've said to them is 'Let's grow our company in an honest manner.' There isn't any problem when the IRS investigates because we are based on honesty. They investigated me once, but the investigator told me 'I will forever be your fan' and left. He told me 'I didn't know you were [such an honest] person like this.' I'm a person with no money, but I always made sure to be very diligent about doing taxes. I don't have an expensive car, nor an expensive watch or a house."

Contrary to popular belief, 2PM brings in more revenue than Suzy because of their popularity in Japan and China, Meanwhile, he also disclosed that MissA plans to work on a new album after Suzy wraps up her latest movie Dori Artist next month..