jyj JYJ wished fans a happy Valentine's Day with an adorable video! First up was Junsu, who dubbed as his character from the musical Mozart and Heaven's Tears. He serenaded the viewers with his sweet and savory vocals, singing the melody of the songs from the musical while changing the lyrics to match the Valentine's Day theme. He sang "Please stop eating my chocolate~" In addition, Park Yoo Chun acted as his characters from Rooftop Prince and I Miss You, while Jae Joong acted as his characters from Protect the Boss and Time Slip Dr. Jin. At one point in the video, Jae Joong begged in his normal voice, "Why won't you give me my chocolate? Last year and even the year before that, how many years is that? You want a candy, right? Then give me some chocolate!" Finally, the three came together and rehearsed a short skit for the fans all in their respective characters. Then, they quickly wrap up the video, after expressing embarrassment by their last-minute impromptu skit. Watch these three dreamy boys as they melt our hearts and bring out laughter with their child-like banter: Adorable, right? Which one do you most want to be your valentine?