The 13th Ground Forces Festival took place recently, and lucky fans who were at the event got to see Jaejoong and Yunho together!

Yunho was an MC, and Jaejoong put on a performance. In the video (below), you will see Jaejoong below the stage and Yunho on the stage in red.

The two talked to one another backstage, and Jaejoong even greeted Yunho's family members and manager. Fans have taken pictures (below) of the two conversing, high-fiving, and hugging, seeming to be catching up. (*starts to tear up*) The two used to be in the same group back in the day, but because of various reasons, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu decided to leave SM Entertainment, forming the group JYJ. The remaining members, Yunho and Changmin, still work as members of TVXQ.

This is definitely BIG news for all the five members' fans out there since no one could've imagined this happening — to see these members together in the same place, at the same time, and even interacting with one another!

Who wishes to see the original members back together like this? Share your thoughts below, and remember to "Always Keep the Faith."

Watch Jaejoong in Triangle: