JYJ's Jaejoong recently tweeted about the rude behavior of some saseng fans he encountered at the airport in Korea.

He tweets, "I happily arrived in Korea and it is perfectly fine that you would take pictures of me as if you were a photographer but when you see grandmothers, grandfathers on the floor, shouldn't you help them up or say sorry in the least? Can't you check if it was your own grandmother after going inside your cars instead of checking if the pictures came out nicely?"

The incident occurred as the idol singer was arriving at Incheon Airport from Taiwan after JYJ's Asia tour, 'Your, My and Mine in Taiwan.' It was suspected that Jaejoong had tweeted this after seeing saseng fans act in a disorderly way. And not to mention that this was not JYJ's first time encountering overly passionate fans. They have been known to have suffered from saseng fans' stalker instincts more than any other idols. JYJ's saseng fans have even set up security cameras in the parking lot of their homes!

What are your thoughts on his recent tweet?

(Source: www.news.nate.com)