As soon as JYJ’s Jaejoong finished his Asia tour and arrived to Seoul, he rushed to Yeonsei Severance hospital. During the tour, he had heard of his ardent fan from Thailand, who had fallen in coma while traveling Korea.

Nopparat Na Naotan or Minky had been Jaejoong’s fan of 10 years since the TVXQ days. Last March, she had cheered at Jaejoong’s concert in Bangkok.

On March 24, Minky experienced sudden cardiac arrest and fell at a club in Hongdae, Seoul. Her heart momentarily stopped beating in the ambulance. Minky has not gained consciousness to date.

Kim Jae Joong visited Minky and her father at Severance on Monday. The singer held her hands while wishing her a speedy recovery and left a photograph for her to see when she wakes up. He then consoled Minky’s father and gave 20,000,000 won (17,750 USD) to the family.

Jaejoong kept it down and low, but his secret good deed was revealed to the Thai fans via Facebook. The fans are collecting more funds to help Minky, because her family is unable to cover the medical expenses.

The employees at Benikea hotel, where Minky interned for three months last year, offered to cover the entire bill. Some of the employees visited MInky’s family every day to make sure they were well.

Severance is reviewing a proposition to reduce Minky’s bill. It has already scheduled to send Minky back to a hospital in Thailand on April 8.

Minky’s father thanked everyone who helped. “My daughter is a bright, cheerful girl. I appreciate all the help we received from the Koreans. I hope Minky wakes up soon so she can thank them herself.”

Get well soon, Minky! Our wishes and prayers are with you!

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