Congratulations to the first couple of the year! JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani confirmed they are dating.

Junsu fell in love with and sought Hani after seeing her tomboyish personality, and the couple has been dating for six months, Dispatch reported. According to the reports, Hani in her school days was a fan of TVXQ, and the boy band in which Junsu was a member inspired her to become a K-pop star.

Junsu and Hani’s agencies confirmed the relationship quickly after the news.

Junsu’s agency CJ Entertainment released an official statement confirming the relationship.

“The two, who have been close work friends, recently started seeing each other. We hope you would warmly care for them and understand that we can’t share more about the newly found relationship, because it’s a personal matter” the statement read.

Later, Hani’s agency Yedang Entertainment also confirmed the news with Hani, and added why Hani couldn’t help but fall in love with Junsu.

“Junsu helped Hani make the right decisions when EXID experienced sudden changes after (the success of) Up and Down. He gave her the strength to focus on work. Junsu and Hani have been in a serious relationship since then,” the statement read.

Hani was one of the celebrity friends who visited Junsu’s musical performance of Death Note, Star News reported. Junsu’s upcoming musical Dracula premieres on Jan. 7.

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