Junsu-second-album-image-teaser-full-540x540 We heard that July was the month we could expect the comeback from JYJ's Junsu, and now, we have an exact date to mark on our e-calendars: July 15th. His agency, C-JeS, revealed that he recently finished filming the music video in the U.S. “For last year’s first album, Junsu showed an unconventional androgynous charm, but this [album's] concept is a mannish charisma. He formed a urban punk look through the combination of a jacket and shorts ensemble from this summer’s collection and colorful badges.” Yes, please! So what can we expect from this much-anticipated video? “The music video recently filmed in the U.S. will be a novel video that shows the coexistence of vintage and fantasy. An addictive color and hip-hop rhythm will come together, inviting one to a summer party, and presenting a feeling of refreshment.” We can't wait!