Sunye and Sohee are officially out of the Wonder Girls, and they are fine with that. The Wonder Girls are currently preparing for their comeback as a four-member group in October. Before their exciting preparations began, the ladies held an important  meeting with Sunye and Sohee to discuss the future of their popular group. 

"The members met and made the decision after a discussion," a representative from JYP Entertainment told the media about their girl group today.

"They have spent so much time together. They know each other′s thoughts just by looking at each other. The members met on their own and talked about withdrawing and team activities before making the decision to withdraw. The members respected and accepted each other′s opinions and ended on a good note." 

They continued, "Sunye and Sohee, as well as, Yeeun, Sunmi, Yubin and Hyelim combined their opinions. There are no problems within the group. They continue to share a deep friendship."

Today, JYPE announced that Sohee desired to solely focus on her career in acting, and Sunye wanted to make her family a priority. Both ladies officially withdrew from the Wonder Girls. They no longer have contracts with JYP Entertainment.

Wow! I knew the news was inevitable, but it's still shocking. Wonderfuls around the world are probably taking the it very hard. After HyunA and Sunmi's departure years ago, fans are probably fed up with all of the unpleasant surprises. Sunmi returned, but they still have to be ok with the realization that Sunye and Sohee have decided to move on with their lives.

What are your thoughts about the recent Wonder Girls' news?

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